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to bond with, learn about, and support baby

"We tried massage before taking this course (series) and now I see my daughter much more receptive to it than before- it was truly perfect!"
Parents of four-month old baby
"(She) is young and we are working our way up to a full massage. The portions we do are great bonding time- she is becoming very responsive to my voice and face from our close one on one time."
Mom of two-month old baby
"She seems really relaxed and happy after massage. It's a nice bonding experience."
Mom of two-month old baby
"Our baby has really settled into a good routine since incorporating massage. We feel more attuned to his expressions and how they translate to what he needs. This is a great course not only for the physical health of our baby but also has fostered a closer bond between all three of us."
Parents of three-month old baby

Sidney Borgetti - M.S. Child Development, CEIM

Supporting young children & their families and caregivers is my passion. I have spent the past fifteen years working in early childhood education, first as a classroom teacher and then as an infant toddler specialist (…and now as a mom).  My oldest daughter was born in 2016 and I was taught infant massage when she was just four weeks old. Her daily (most days) massage are some of my favorite memories from her first year. When an opportunity presented to become a certified educator through Infant Massage USA in 2017, I jumped on it. My second daughter arrived in 2018 and, although admittedly a little less often, our one on one time for her massage is such a precious gift. It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to share infant massage with fellow parents and caregivers.